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Gombitelli is one of the eight villages that make up the Seimigia district, the hilly part of the municipality of Camaiore, in the province of Lucca. It lies on a ridge of Monte Calvario (500 m. above sea level, from which it is 12 km. as the crow flies), which is one of the last eastern ridges of the Apuan Alps. From Gombitelli we pass through Lucese, from where the paths that lead into the mountains to Emilia start.


Gombitelli is one of the eight villages scattered among the hills of the Seimiglia, the so-called 'green lung of Versilia'. We are in a territory of ancient origins. The Via Francigena runs along the bottom of the valley and joins Camaiore to Lucca with stretches of path that bring walkers from far and wide to these areas every day.