La Foresteria

Situated between the historic city of Lucca and the Ligurian Seas, nestled on a ridge flanking the ancient village of Gombitelli, lies the former hotel and restaurant Cerù. For over half a century it has welcomed those exploring the surrounding winding roads, leading to the first paths to the Apuan Alps, with both exquisite food and an opportunity to pause and take in the soft air and breathtaking views. 
After several years of closure, Cerù has reopened its doors once again. The bar and terrace now welcomes guests with light food and refreshments and the dining room, kitchen and 8 en-suite bedrooms are available for guests looking to book an idyllic setting for group activities.



A foresteria is a non-commercial group accommodation facility. As such, the Cerù foresteria offers a wide range of services to enable you and your group to enjoy a stay that perfectly suits your wishes.

There is a large space that can be used as a seminar room or work room: an 'office' to work in groups, or a room to study, a room to sing, meet, practice, read, collaborate. It is furnished with large, comfortable armchairs and in winter the fireplace is lit. In summer, the French windows on the terraces overlooking the hill plain of Lucca to the east and the sea to the south and west always provide refreshment. 

There is a shared kitchen where a group of people can cook and eat. Or you can invite a cook to cook for everyone.

Six of the eight bedrooms have balconies so you can enjoy the open air in this unique place. You can literally watch the weather come and go in the sky. In the evening, the twinkling of lights rises from the shoreline.

There is no other accommodation in the area as comfortable for a group, and this is also thanks to the extra services of the bar: an Italian breakfast, a lunch with products from the region, room cleaning, a cook on hand for the occasion.

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